Environmental Advisory Council


The Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) consists of seven volunteers that are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. One member is a representative from the Planning Commission and another is a liaison from the Park and Recreation Board. Members of the Environmental Advisory Council serve three-year staggered terms and are dedicated to exploring and promoting environmental initiatives in the Township.

Vision Statement: The Tredyffrin Township Environmental Advisory Council is a committee dedicated to exploring and promoting environmental initiatives in the Township. The Environmental Advisory Council works at the direction of the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors and as an extension of Township staff to research environmental issues and funding sources; to advise Township staff and supervisors; to sponsor environmental education; to partner with Township residents, outside agencies, and organizations with similar interests; and to coordinate environmental projects.

Strategic Plan

  • Watersheds: Promote healthy watersheds by addressing such issues as water quality and quantity, stormwater management, restoration, protection measures, and community involvement.
  • Trails: Promote trails as a healthy lifestyle and an alternative method of transportation for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized methods of transportation.
  • Marketing and Educational Initiatives: Utilize various media to promote the Township's environmental and educational initiatives.
  • Environmental Initiatives: Research and promote environmental initiatives to improve the quality of life in Tredyffrin.

Environmental Advisory Council Members

Mary Westervelt, Chair
Doug Anestad
John Caruolo
Priyanka Kapadia
James McLaughlin
Thomas Szwech
Now accepting applications to fill open positions. Please click here
Evelyn Richter - Board of Supervisors Liaison
Victoria Snyder - Planning Commission Liaison
Carreen Wright - Park Board Liaison
Erin McPherson - Staff Liaison


Meeting Minutes

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